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Chicken Hamburger




Lunch Served Every Day but Monday 8am-2pm in Corolla NC in the Timbuck II Shopping Center





Black Beans- Chick Peas- Creminis- Chipotle Aioli  12


Pickled Plate

Asparagus- Pickled Red Onions- Watermelon Rinds- Giardiniera  11


House Salad

Mixed Greens- Fresh Vegetables- Honey Citrus Vinaigrette  10


Grill Room Salad

Mixed Greens- Field Peas- Tomatoes- Strawberries- Corn- Creamy Ranch 13


Roma Crunch- Tomato- Bacon Crumbles- Creamy Blue Cheese  13


Foxxy Loxxy

House Cured Salmon- Whipped Cream Cheese- Pickled Veggies- Capers- Tomato- English Muffin  15


Featured Soup

Ask for Todays Offerings  MK


Shrimp Cake

Shrimp- Ritz- Seasonings- Broiled- Old Bay Tarter Sauce- Black and White Rice- House Salad  15


Brunch Burger

Hand Pattied Angus Beef- Cheese- Buttered Kaiser- Home Fries  15


Chicken Biscuit

Split Biscuit- Spicy Fried Chicken- Our Sausage Gravy- Fresh Fruit  17


Fried Fish

Lightly Fried Fish- Cole Slaw- Home Fries- Grilled Lemon- Spicy Remoulade 18



Our Famous Special Blend- Broiled- Corn Salsa- Black and White Rice- House Salad  25

BBQ Sandwich

Eastern NC Style Pork Barbecue- Cole Slaw- Buttered Kaiser- Home Fries  13


Shrimp and Grits

Select Shrimp- Spinach- Peppers- Country Ham- Sweet and Tangy Sauce- Stone Ground Grits  17


Veggie Burger

Black Beans- Creminis- Chick Peas- Buttered Kaiser- Chipotle Aioli- Side   13


Fresh Catch

Fresh Fish- Roasted Veggies- Black and White Rice  MK


Soup Salad Side

Featured Soup- House Salad- Side  14




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